Have your say

The most powerful aspect of Neighbourhood Plans is that they are prepared by the local community – bringing together passionate community champions in the process.  But this requires community involvement!

The final version of the Neighbourhood Plan (known as the Submission Version) will be voted on by all residents within the Neighbourhood Area at a referendum.

Become a Forum Member

The first thing that we urge you to do is apply to become a Forum Member, meaning that you can:

  • Be kept informed about the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan
  • Elect people to the Steering Group, which will be drafting the Plan
  • Be able to vote on draft policies

Membership is completely free, and there is no obligation to attend meetings.

Other ways to help


  • Spreading the word – via word of mouth, social media, forwarding on emails, printing and putting up posters, and raising the topic at local events
  • Putting us in touch with key stakeholders
  • Helping us refine the boundary for the Neighbourhood Plan, by completing our online Boundary Survey yourself, sharing it more widely, helping conduct street surveys, and door knocking
  • Letting us know about any time, resources and skills that you can offer

Businesses, voluntary, community, and faith groups

  • Writing letters of support to add weight to our applications to the three Councils
  • Helping us hear the views of as many people as possible, by canvasing the opinion of / representing the views of your customers, members, or beneficiaries
  • Offering resources such as printers and meeting space