Forum Officers & Steering Group Members

Forum Officers

Chair Linda Royales (Haringey)

Secretary/Vicechair Hugh White (Hackney)

Membership Secretary Lawrence Singha (Haringey)

Treasurer Dominic Sweetman* (Hackney)

Officers were elected at Forum Meeting held 14th September 2019

* Treasurer elected at Forum Meeting held 30th October 2020

Steering Group

Resident/Worker Members (4 from each borough)


Susie Barson

Edward Farleigh§

Oliver Gladstone§#

Elizabeth Lowe


Luke Goodger

Matteo Mazzeon#†


Adam Hardy

Susan Lowenthal

Dorothy Newton

Jonathan Ward#

Steering Group members were elected at Forum Meeting held 30th October 2019 save those marked # who were elected 30th October 2020.

§ Since being elected has moved out of Hackney but within the Neighbourhood Area. Will continue to serve until replacements can be elected.

Have left the entire neighbourhood area and have resigned.

Elected Official Members of the Steering Group

One from each borough:

Cllr Clare Potter (Hackney)

Cllr Eldridge Culverwell (Haringey)

Cllr Asima Sheikh (Islington)

Officers and Steering Group members are elected for a period of 18 months and can be re-elected.