Become a Forum Member

Why become a Forum Member?

By becoming a member of the Neighbourhood Forum, you will:

  • Be kept informed about the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan
  • Receive invites to events and surveys
  • Be able to elect people to the Steering Group, which will be drafting the Plan
  • Be able to vote on draft policies

Membership is completely free, and there is no obligation to attend meetings.

Residents and workers

Residents and workers can apply online now, or download a printable version of the application form.

Community organisations

Community organisations can apply to become Affiliated Organisations, by sending a letter to our Steering Group, on headed paper, and signed by an official of the organisation. The letter should:

  • Nominate a representative to attend Forum meetings and vote on the organisation’s behalf
  • Provide evidence that your organisation is formally constituted, including information about the purpose and scope of your organisation’s activities. For example, you might provide an extract from your Articles of Association or adopted constitution

You can email your letter to [Encoded]. Please note that in line with our constitution, applications to become an Affiliated Organisation will be reviewed and either accepted or declined by the Steering Group at its discretion. Members of the Steering Group are elected by forum members.