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Tall Buildings

Londons Tall Buildings Survey 2021

New London Architecture (NLA) has just published their latest Tall Buildings Survey for London.

Street Lighting – new light on the matter

A call to improve London’s lighting at night

Anyone who has wandered around at night can’t help but notice the contrast between an effective, but decoratively lit heritage area and generic suburbs with streetlamps flooding streets in a sickly orange haze.

Ian Visits…..

The Centre for London report: PDF

As Ian Visits points out, Harringay Council just announced plans to replace 18,600 streetlights.

Parks and Overshadowing – a petition for London Plan petition – six hours’ sunlight for parks, playgrounds and wildlife

Currently the London Plan only affords 2 hours minimum.

Shallow Focus Photography of Gray and Orange Bird (could be a robin!) - Pixabay

The NLA London Boroughs Report 2021 has been published

London Boroughs Report 2021 website download link

First impressions – after a brief look at other pages, I went straight to the Area Index. My quick observations:

  • Islington – map p76 – shows growth areas and our Town Centre – no projects in the borough are listed
  • interestingly they don’t identify Andover’s masterplan
  • Haringey – map p61 – doesn’t identify our Town Centre or the Park as Metropolitan Open Land (as I far as I could determine)
  • Hackey – map p55 – doesn’t include our Town Centre – includes King’s Crescent Estate as a project.

Children’s Views Should Be Taken Into Account When Designing Urban Space

This article on the Conversation has an excellent discussion of the views that children may have on their urban environment.

This is backed up in a fascinating TED Talk by Mara Mintzer:

The Planning White Paper

Few will have missed the publication of the Government’s white paper ” Planning for the Future”. The consultation remains open until 29th October and anyone can have their say. It suggests sweeping reforms of the planning system that would, among other things, remove the right individuals have now to comment on specific planning applications. Consultation would be at the level of commenting on reformed Local Plans that will designate areas for “growth”, “renewal”, and “protection”. It would be much easier for a developer to secure planning permission for a development in a growth or renewal area than at present. Design codes would be set in the Local Plan. These are to be streamlined and will not have policy statements – just area designations and design codes.

The White Paper is significantly short on detail and filled with jargon and lots of waffle. It can be viewed (and downloaded) from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government web page (

The Steering Group are preparing comments on it and we welcome comments from members of the Forum. The deadline for comments is 29th October: we would need to receive your comments by 26th October when the Steering Group will meet to approve our response.

Neighbourhood Plans are mentioned in the document but it is rather vague how they fit in and whether it would reduce their scope. It is possible that we would not be able to put forward sites for future development (“site designations”) and may have no influence on designating areas for growth, redevelopment and protection. It is all opaque! We have been urged not to pause plan preparation as implementing such changes is likely to be a very slow process despite the “this parliament” ambitions of the white paper.

Many other parties are commenting. The Woodland Trust see it as reducing protection for Ancient Woodlands and for trees in general (see Private Eye have pointed out that it makes no mention of designing accessible homes for disabled people. RIBA have concerns ( The more comments the better!

Islington Council and fashion co-operative launch innovative, ethical fashion store

Outside the FC Designer Collective store,(from left) Boaz Otudeko, Sarah Hill, Cllr Asima Shaikh, Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway and Tricia Blake

A retail experience like no other opened its doors today in Finsbury Park – the product of Islington Council’s commitment to creating an economy that works with and for local people, building a better Islington in the face of the current global pandemic…. follow the link to the Islington BC website.