Design Code Pathfinders Participation

Design Code Pathfinders Participation

We have just been selected to take part in the government’s Design Code Pathfinders project, beating several others from across the country, which gives us a great chance to make a real impact for the better on the local planning process.

We are also kicking off our community engagement phase, where you get to have your say. To lay the groundwork for a comprehensive neighbourhood plan, please help by giving us your opinions in this very short initial online survey:

Over a 12 month period we will work with the government’s Office of Place to develop a design code for Finsbury Park and Stroud Green. This will set detailed requirements for development in the area covering almost everything that we experience living or working in the area.

This is an exciting opportunity although it is a huge extra work load. We would like more members working with us and taking an active role in working on the Design Code project and the Neighbourhood Plan. The only important skills we need are interest and being prepared to work hard!

If you are interested please get in touch!

Finsbury Park Needs You! Please help us to make Finsbury Park/Stroud Green a better place in which to live and work.

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