Meetings and events

Electing the Forum Organisers

Creating the Forum Structure – Summer 2019

Now that the Forum has gained formal approval from all 3 councils, we are looking to elect 4 Officers to lead and oversee the work of the Forum:

  • The Chair – to call and chair Forum meetings and formally represent the Forum.
  • The Secretary/Vice Chair – to organise and manage Forum meetings.
  • The Treasurer – to manage Forum funds and maintain accounts.
  • The Membership Secretary to maintain a register of Forum Members, (complying with the Data Protection Act 1998) and managing elections.

Following this first election a Steering Group will be elected to carry out the activities of the Forum. In outline these are:

  • Engaging with the local community of residents and workers.
  • Researching and developing Policy with the local community and councils.
  • Achieving final approval of the Policy, to improve the outcomes of new development in the area.

The Officers will receive assistance and active support from the members of the Steering Group, and its Sub Groups as needed.

The Constitution (click here) has a lot more detail.

It is anticipated that the election of the Officers will take place at a meeting in September. Over the Summer the current working group will run an active campaign to recruit Forum members and seek candidates for the Officer posts. If you are interested please do get in touch.

There are plenty of other jobs that need doing too.

These vary from website design, producing flyers, running social media, helping at events, making food and drinks, to helping to write the new Planning Policy.