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Tall Buildings

Londons Tall Buildings Survey 2021

New London Architecture (NLA) has just published their latest Tall Buildings Survey for London.

Street Lighting – new light on the matter
A call to improve London’s lighting at night

Anyone who has wandered around at night can’t help but notice the contrast between an effective, but decoratively lit heritage area and generic suburbs with streetlamps flooding streets in a sickly orange haze.

Ian Visits…..

The Centre for London report: PDF

As Ian Visits points out, Harringay Council just announced plans to replace 18,600 streetlights.

The NLA London Boroughs Report 2021 has been published

London Boroughs Report 2021 website download link

First impressions – after a brief look at other pages, I went straight to the Area Index. My quick observations:

  • Islington – map p76 – shows growth areas and our Town Centre – no projects in the borough are listed
  • interestingly they don’t identify Andover’s masterplan
  • Haringey – map p61 – doesn’t identify our Town Centre or the Park as Metropolitan Open Land (as I far as I could determine)
  • Hackey – map p55 – doesn’t include our Town Centre – includes King’s Crescent Estate as a project.