Have your say: Final Draft Constitution

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Have your say: Final Draft Constitution

Post by fpsg » Sun, Aug 06 2017 12:46 pm

The Constitution available for download below is a final draft, for review and comment by the local community, before we submit it to the three local councils for approval.

We have also provided a summary document.

The final draft was prepared by the Working Group of volunteers, with reference to:
  • Templates from:
    • Islington Council
    • Locality
  • Examples from:
    • Mount Pleasant (Islington and Camden)
    • Highgate (Haringey)
    • Chatsworth Road (Hackney)
    • Bermondsey (Southwark)
    • Bankside (Southwark)
    • St Quintin Woodlands (Kensington and Chelsea)
Please provide any feedback by Wednesday 20 September 2017. However, please note that if you're planning to raise a substantial issue or concern, we'd be keen to understand this sooner rather than later, so that we have the maximum opportunity to consider any changes to the applications.
FPSG Constitution - v8.2.1.pdf
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FPSG - Summary of Constitution v8.2.1.pdf
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